Zero Profiling: The “Track Any” Setting explained.

With the release of RES PowerFuse 2010 we released Zero Profiling. With this method system engineers can preserve and apply user settings on application level without knowledge of the location of changes made by the user to a specific application. This is a very powerful setting since this setting captures all changes made by a […]

Zero Profile Further Detailed

With the release of Service Release 2 of RES PowerFuse 2010 we introduced some new stuff regarding Zero Profile technology: Templates. For system administrators it seemed to be hard to figure out where the most commonly used user settings are stored in the registry. Resulting in capturing too many registry settings from an application, or […]

Zero Profiling Explained

One of the new features of RES PowerFuse 2010 is the Zero Profiling technology. The technology handles the personal settings of a user when using Mandatory, Roaming, or Local profiles. Of course companies want to get rid of roaming profiles because of the well known roaming profile issues of this profiling technology. As we all […]

Quick peek at Zero Profile Technology

In RES PowerFuse 2008, we first introduced User Preferences. User Preferences allows you to be flexible with a mandatory user profile. By specifying parts of the profile that needed to be restored by User Preferences, a user with a mandatory profile was still able to have personal settings. User Preferences in RES PowerFuse 2008 can […]