HOW TO Configure Microsoft SCCM 2007 and Microsoft APP-V to play nicely with RES Workspace Manager.

Introduction:   Lately we have been receiving significantly more calls regarding Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager software and how this product can be used to stream virtual applications to clients. Basically the challenge we notice some of our customers are facing, is how they can benefit from a scalable, location based distribution method (like SCCM) […]

Configuring RES PowerFuse App-V integration for SCCM

The latest versions of both App-V and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) can work together to deliver virtual applications to the user. Some minor changes needed to be made to RES PowerFuse to support the executable (VApplauncher.exe) used by this new method. This blog describes the way to configure RES PowerFuse to handle App-V applications […]