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Agile Enterprises Require Agile Workplaces

Agility, the power of moving quickly and easily, is an absolute imperative for the 21st century enterprise as markets have become incredibly dynamic. Oil costs can drop impulsively, impacting everything from airline profitability to the value of the ruble. Companies like Uber and Airbnb became dominant players in their respective fields almost overnight, and thanks […]


Speed, Safety and Consumerized IT

Consumerized IT can make security people nervous. Giving users more control over the services they consume, after all, seems inherently unsafe. Business people, on the other hand, have concerns about speed. They want immediate access to the IT services they need to do their jobs. Many assume that these twin concerns of speed and safety […]

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Resolving the Healthcare Service Desk Conundrum

By: Ward Priestman Healthcare IT Consultant, Priestman Consulting Technology can be incredibly frustrating when it is out of step with evolving user requirements. For hospitals, dealing with challenges over printing issues, accessing records, and login faults can be excruciating; not to mention the additional pain points of requesting software and hardware because hospital personnel typically have […]