The VDIdealist – Avoiding the Seven Sins

By: Sean Donahue When I was young and foolish I ignored some of the biggest pot holes on the road to VDI salvation. But I am here to warn you against the mistakes I have made. 1 – Thou Shalt Not Be a Bandwidth Glutton Since Ethernet, and then fiber, became so prevalent and displaced slower […]

Citrix Takes Mobility “Out of Darkness” With XenDesktop 7

By: Sean Donahue The excitement was palpable today at Synergy as Citrix announced the release of XenDesktop 7. There is little irony in the fact that the entire audience was snapping pictures, capturing video, live tweeting and more from their mobile devices as Citrix announced they were bringing Windows apps and Desktops to the mobile world. […]

Notes from the Road 24 – Long Live Project Titan

By: Sean Donahue XenApp connector for SCCM Today Microsoft and Citrix announced the release of the new XenApp connector for System Center Configuration Manager 2012 (a.k.a Project Thor). When I was at Microsoft I was part of the team that brought the original connector to market (f.k.a Project Titan). These releases are great steps forward in […]

Intel Recognizes RES VDX Reverse Seamless as Enabler of Intelligent Clients and Successful Cloud-Hosted Desktop Deployments

By Jeff Fisher, VP, Business Development The one-size-does-not-fit-all-story for VDI and the cloud seems to be echoing across the industry. Desktop administrators are the first to tell you that in most cases, a wholesale move to these technologies will leave many of their users without the kind of desktop experience needed to successfully perform their […]

Where “Hybrid” and “Intelligent” Desktops Intersect

By: Jeff Fisher Whether you look at it from a device perspective, or at the delivery platform level, it’s become abundantly clear that there is no longer such thing as a homogenous IT environment. Today’s users are too dynamic and require too much flexibility for the traditional approach to IT. RES has spent a lot […]

The Era of the Hybrid Desktop is Upon Us

   Bill Corrigan was recently named Chief Marketing Officer of RES Software. I am very happy to have joined a great team at RES Software led by visionary CTO and Founder, Bob Janssen. Bob is the “godfather” of user state virtualization and has been perfecting the technology for nearly 12 years. Throughout the industry, he […]