Not all Assessment Tools are Created Equal: Introducing Free RES Baseline Desktop Analyzer

By Bob Janssen, CTO Major desktop transformation projects are inevitable for most organizations. Windows 7 deployments, application or desktop virtualization rollouts and introducing VDI are all common initiatives for many organizations. But how can desktop administrators make critical decisions about changes to their infrastructure without fully understanding their environment, especially from the user perspective? Enter […]

Smackdown Analyzes RES vs. AppSense and Other User Virtualization Vendors

The wait is finally over. Ruben Spruijt of PQR has released the highly anticipated User Environment Management Smackdown. Whether you want to call it workspace management, user virtualization, persistent personalization or user environment management, today’s IT departments implementing desktop virtualization technology are benefitting from solutions that allow them to separate a user’s settings, application and […]

RES Software and Microsoft – Past, Present, and Future

With all the hype surrounding Microsoft Management 2011this week, it’s a great time to reflect on our past history with Microsoft and some exciting future plans. For more than 10 years, RES Software and Microsoft have shared a strong, successful relationship. RES has been an early adopter of each new Microsoft technology, from the first […]

Avoiding Migration Mishaps

Brian Casselman, Systems Engineer I recently came across a conversation on LinkedIn surrounding tips and experience with Windows 7 migration. With so many organizations in the process of making this move, or planning to do so in 2011, it’s a very relevant and important discussion that I’d like to share my thoughts on. The challenge […]