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Ready or Not, Windows 10 is Coming Soon

It’s time for migration talks again If your organization is still licking its wounds from your migration to Windows 7, you aren’t alone. Although excitement for Windows 10 is growing, many organizations aren’t in a position to step into migration planning mode just yet – and we don’t blame you. We’ve spoken to countless IT […]

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The RES IT Store – The Video

Last year, we introduced the RES IT Store which allows employees to have a single destination where new applications and services can be requested and returned.  We’ve gotten great feedback from customers as this has allowed them to add a “face” to IT for the business.  They are experiencing improved productivity as this allows IT […]

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Reflecting on CAMP IT

Just before the Thanksgiving Day holiday, I delivered a presentation to a group of IT professionals at the CAMP IT ITSM conference in Chicago, Illinois. Many of the attendees that I spoke to were either in the process of setting up a Service Management Office at their company or, having recently established one, were looking […]


Speed, Safety and Consumerized IT

Consumerized IT can make security people nervous. Giving users more control over the services they consume, after all, seems inherently unsafe. Business people, on the other hand, have concerns about speed. They want immediate access to the IT services they need to do their jobs. Many assume that these twin concerns of speed and safety […]