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As you probably know, both RES PowerFuse and RES Wisdom work really well with Citrix XenDesktop and VMware VDM. Both RES products help you manage "the last mile". Wisdom allows you to change settings in running vdisk or cloned images without having to reset the user session forcibly. PowerFuse configures the user session. If you want to have as few images as possible, you need to put all the applications in your image. To make sure users get the right applications and with the right settings (e.g. Outlook with mail profile and signature) you need PowerFuse to keep it manageable. Extra info (6 feb) I just found out that the client ip number does not get resolved in a session. ... READ MORE>>
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Every time I think of something I want to do with RES Wisdom, I'm amazed at how easy it is to accomplish. For this example, the flow chart was more complicated to create than the actual Run Book. What I wanted to do for this blog was create a Run Book that involved virtual machines. I thought of this very usable (I hope ;-) example in words: - Create a Snapshot of a specific VM - Implement changes to/in VM (e.g. Install SP2 on 2003 Server) - If changes fail: revert to Snapshot - Delete Snapshot So, if a change to a VM fails, the machine is as "clean" as before! Creating a flowchart from the ... READ MORE>>
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Sometimes you need to be reminded by someone (thanks Adrie) of the cool things people are doing with RES Wisdom, and the fact that they are earning money with it.

A customer of RES uses about 150 terminal servers. Every night and every weekend they maintain, polish and shutdown two thirds of their farm with RES Wisdom. Right before the start of every working day, these terminal servers are booted up again, batch by batch. There are some nice tasks in RES Wisdom that help you set this scenario up. The task "Shutdown computer" offers an option to "Fail shutdown if user is logged on". And you can start a server up using either Wake-on-LAN or SSH. I ... READ MORE>>
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Our colleague Rob de Korte proved, once again, that with a little creativity, you can do anything with RES Wisdom (I’m not saying you should ;-).

What he achieved with this example is to send an e-mail containing the results from a recurring job.

Here’s how he did it:

Go to Job Scheduling and right-click the recurring query. Select ‘Export job results…’. Note: do this from the Job Scheduling node to get the latest results every day. If you do it from the Job Results node, you will only get the results of one job over and over again.

In the Export Job Results dialog box, select an appropriate path to store ... READ MORE>>
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The first time people set eyes on RES Wisdom, they’re pleasantly surprised by what it can do and how simple it is to use. After using it for a while, they pull more and more everyday stuff into tasks, modules, projects and run books so they can schedule it.

This all goes well until we finally get a support question: “Can we do OS/Bare metal deployment with Wisdom?” The honest answer is: “No, you can’t.” The next question is almost always: “Why not? You’ve made everything else easy to do, so why not this?”

Well, the answer is simple and complicated at the same time. We handle Microsoft Windows environments, and Microsoft gives you a deployment tool for ... READ MORE>>
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