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By Grant Tiller, Senior Product Manager

Hi All, I am writing this just prior to leaving for Barcelona to attend Citrix Synergy. We have been busy, and I wanted to share some things with you! RES Software have been working very closely with Citrix over the last few weeks, leading to some great announcements that will be coming from both of us at Synergy in sunny Barcelona. You’ll have to wait in suspense because some of that news will remain “top secret” until Synergy. What I can tell you about is that leading up to Barcelona, we have been working with Peter Blum (Director Product ... READ MORE>>
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By Sean Donahue, Senior Director Global Alliance Marketing

Much ado about nothing??? Only time will tell. This week I find myself in a most unusual location, my home office. I know I am at the home office because, unlike in my quiet and pristine Marriot- based office, my 4 sons (yes, 4) are raining chaos and confusion in a distinct 3-square-foot space around my chair. You know, many people ask me, “Sean – how do you travel so much with four sons?”  And my response, “It’s because I have four sons that I travel so much.” Now, seriously, this week, at home or on the road ... READ MORE>>
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imageThis week, Microsoft has released the Developer Preview of Windows 8 to the world.  This release comes with some significant enhancements for End User, Administrator and the Developer Community.  What does it mean for Virtualization, CoIT/BYoPC, Workspace Management, Context Aware computing and Task Automation?

Windows 8 is fundamentally an evolution of Windows 7. Under the hood, Windows 8 is still running basically the same architecture as Windows 7. Improvements are however all over the place, and in this post, we will cover these improvements over 6 ... READ MORE>>
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