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This is already part 3 of the pinning series and is considered as an addition to part 1 and part 2 about pinning to the Microsoft Windows Start Menu and Taskbar. The article was born to a recent question we are getting at support and newly introduced technologies made a solution to this possible. A problem system administrators often run into is how to put multiple websites to the Taskbar and / or Start Menu, and if possible use a different icon for the webpage instead of the standard Internet Explorer icon when using a Microsoft Windows 7 based operating system. Several options have been tried, from a RES Workspace Manager managed Internet Explorer with custom icons combined with URL's ... READ MORE>>
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Happy New Year. Recently I guest blogged on VMBlog.com about the upcoming year in our industry and what it means to the RES portfolio. Here are some highlights.

With the increasing adoption of devices such as smartphones, tablets, touch sensitive screens and sub compact, ultra portable hardware, enterprises are going to realize that their employees are using these to access data and applications throughout the day. Android, Windows 7 (with the launch of Windows 8) and iOS all have enterprise and consumer experiences people desire. The biggest point of disruption to the IT department is Christmas, as new technology floats into the hands of corporate users. ... READ MORE>>
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By Grant Tiller, Senior Product Manager

Hi All, I am writing this just prior to leaving for Barcelona to attend Citrix Synergy. We have been busy, and I wanted to share some things with you! RES Software have been working very closely with Citrix over the last few weeks, leading to some great announcements that will be coming from both of us at Synergy in sunny Barcelona. You’ll have to wait in suspense because some of that news will remain “top secret” until Synergy. What I can tell you about is that leading up to Barcelona, we have been working with Peter Blum (Director Product ... READ MORE>>
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With all the hype surrounding Microsoft Management 2011 this week, it’s a great time to reflect on our past history with Microsoft and some exciting future plans. For more than 10 years, RES Software and Microsoft have shared a strong, successful relationship. RES has been an early adopter of each new Microsoft technology, from the first implementations of remote desktops, to the introduction of APP-V and more. We have always embraced new Microsoft technology, and our announcement today surrounding our multi-year strategic commitment to the Microsoft System Center product family is just one example of our future plans with Microsoft. Watch the video below to see RES CTO Bob Janssen and CMO Bill Corrigan explain our relationship with ... READ MORE>>
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It’s finally arrived. We are proud to announce that we have officially shipped RES Virtual Desktop Extender (VDX) as a standalone product. Our reverse seamless VDX technology has already helped hundreds of organizations overcome key challenges when it comes to desktop virtualization. Challenges including ….
  • Some applications can’t be virtualized well or at all
  • Some users want special access to feeds, apps, and services, and you want to run those (and just those) locally in one session
  • You want to give users the flexibility to use their own PCs (BYOPC) without adding risk to your environment
  • The heavy applications that you need to keep your business running make it impossible to implement widespread desktop virtualization
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