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Michel RothFor those of you familiar with RES Software, it should be no surprise that we have a strong heritage as a key component of a successful desktop virtualization deployment…first with RES Workspace Manager in 1999, later with RES Automation Manager in 2005 and now with the RES IT Store.

RES Software is also a strong supporter of the desktop virtualization community as a participant in a multitude of events including, but not limited to, BriForum, E2EVC and the various Citrix users groups. In staying with this mantra, we are also supportive of the great work conducted by Project VRC including their new State of ... READ MORE>>
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Sean DonahueThou shalt not apply software updates to production systems…” was one of the 10 commandments of IT that Ross Perot brought down from Mount EDS (Electronic Data Systems) in the early days of “Data Systems.” As preached, a recent article by The Register, would lead us to believe that customers are negatively impacted by applying the VMware vSphere replication update. In fact, according to the article as well as a post in the VMware Knowledge Base, this update is so detrimental that it would require a VR rebuild and for replication to be created from scratch.

Top Ten Threat? Not Even Close  babyboom ... READ MORE>>
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RES_AutoVMworld in San Francisco was an amazing event. Over 23,000 people came out to learn about how to propel corporate IT world forward. RES Software came strong with thousands of booth visitors of our own. For those of you who did not make it to VMworld or missed the RES Software experience here are the top five featuRES you missed: 1. RES Software + Dell = Perfect Pair Did you know that no one cares about your VDI? Well, RES Software’s Sean Donahue does and so does anyone who heard his presentation at the Dell booth. Users want what they want when they want it, but not all is lost in the ... READ MORE>>
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Sean DonahueUnless you live under a proverbial rock, or are not in the tech industry, you know this past week was the 10th annual VMworld Convention…and what an insane show it was. Not only did VMworld attract a record 22,000+ attendees, but also the energy and enthusiasm was palpable across all three buildings the convention occupied at the Moscone Convention Center. It was reminiscent of some of the gre at trade shows of yesteryear.

Previously I had stated that the large vendor centric conference was dead. I humbly stand capri pantscorrected. VMware kicked it up a notch and the ... READ MORE>>
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By Sean Donahue, Senior Director Global Alliance Marketing

Leaving Las Vegas… again. It’s Thursday night / Friday morning and my new teammates here at RES have just dispersed from the Parasail bar at the Wynn where we all enjoyed a team building end of show cocktail. VMworld 2011 has just ended and we are “knackered” as our man Grant from the UK would say. What a show! Over 20,000 VMware professionals descended on the Venetian and Sands Conference center for the largest tech conference I have ever attended. Not to mention the fact that this was the first show in which I ever had ... READ MORE>>
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