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Michel RothFor those of you familiar with RES Software, it should be no surprise that we have a strong heritage as a key component of a successful desktop virtualization deployment…first with RES Workspace Manager in 1999, later with RES Automation Manager in 2005 and now with the RES IT Store.

RES Software is also a strong supporter of the desktop virtualization community as a participant in a multitude of events including, but not limited to, BriForum, E2EVC and the various Citrix users groups. In staying with this mantra, we are also supportive of the great work conducted by Project VRC including their new State of ... READ MORE>>
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Sean DonahueThou shalt not apply software updates to production systems…” was one of the 10 commandments of IT that Ross Perot brought down from Mount EDS (Electronic Data Systems) in the early days of “Data Systems.” As preached, a recent article by The Register, would lead us to believe that customers are negatively impacted by applying the VMware vSphere replication update. In fact, according to the article as well as a post in the VMware Knowledge Base, this update is so detrimental that it would require a VR rebuild and for replication to be created from scratch.

Top Ten Threat? Not Even Close  babyboom ... READ MORE>>
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Sean Donahue…And I am not just saying that because I sleep with the author (Me). This case study truly depicts how organizations can finally get off their “posteriors” and get their Windows, XenApp, and Application Virtualization projects off the back burner and into production. The deadline is quickly approaching people!

sean and pennyOn Tuesday October 1st, it will be my distinct pleasure to broadcast a webinar live with one of the people I hold most dear in this world of virtualization, Penny G from Citrix AppDNA. Penny will join me in discussing the combined power of AppDNA and RES Software in getting our customers to ... READ MORE>>
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Sean DonahueWhen I was young and foolish I ignored some of the biggest pot holes on the road to VDI salvation. But I am here to warn you against the mistakes I have made. 1 - Thou Shalt Not Be a Bandwidth Glutton Since Ethernet, and then fiber, became so prevalent and displaced slower speeds of ARCnet and Token Ring, we all too often take our bandwidth for granted. But when too many users are all accessing virtual desktops in a data center and using our Ethernet as their twisted pair, highway traffic jams can, and will, occur. And what is the result of binary traffic jams? Slow speeds for those users ... READ MORE>>
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Sean DonahueEvery Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployment starts with the best of intentions. You strive for simpler desktop management, reduced storage costs, better central control, increased efficiency and security. Whatever your reason you may find yourself on the brink of a user revolution that can topple your VDI. Analysts say that 50% of VDI projects stall or fail. The problem stems from IT’s taking away too many of the liberties from the users in the pursuit of the above business gains. When the user is made to sacrifice, they will abandon the corporate desktops and vote with their credit cards, purchasing their own devices and software to get their jobs done. Persistence - ... READ MORE>>
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