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Sean DonahueWhen I was young and foolish I ignored some of the biggest pot holes on the road to VDI salvation. But I am here to warn you against the mistakes I have made. 1 - Thou Shalt Not Be a Bandwidth Glutton Since Ethernet, and then fiber, became so prevalent and displaced slower speeds of ARCnet and Token Ring, we all too often take our bandwidth for granted. But when too many users are all accessing virtual desktops in a data center and using our Ethernet as their twisted pair, highway traffic jams can, and will, occur. And what is the result of binary traffic jams? Slow speeds for those users ... READ MORE>>
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Home away from home. I think it a rare occurrence when someone could have had multiple careers like I have, yet one thing remains the same; my frequent trips to the Microsoft campus in Redmond Washington. I would say that I started coming here with a steady frequency back in 2004 when I spent a week at SEATAC airport working for Softricity. Back in those days I was a Hilton points guy.

Then I went to Marriott attaining Gold status, which is nothing when compared to my friend Steve Campbell who is lifetime platinum status. The past several years, I have been a frequenter of the ... READ MORE>>
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By Sean Donahue, Senior Director Global Alliance Marketing

Much ado about nothing??? Only time will tell. This week I find myself in a most unusual location, my home office. I know I am at the home office because, unlike in my quiet and pristine Marriot- based office, my 4 sons (yes, 4) are raining chaos and confusion in a distinct 3-square-foot space around my chair. You know, many people ask me, “Sean – how do you travel so much with four sons?”  And my response, “It’s because I have four sons that I travel so much.” Now, seriously, this week, at home or on the road ... READ MORE>>
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By Jeff Fisher, VP, Business Development

The one-size-does-not-fit-all-story for VDI and the cloud seems to be echoing across the industry. Desktop administrators are the first to tell you that in most cases, a wholesale move to these technologies will leave many of their users without the kind of desktop experience needed to successfully perform their jobs. Sure, VDI and cloud-hosted desktops can give users access to basic applications and data … but increasingly that’s not enough. A rich user experience is more important than ever, and users expect to access their IT services through multiple devices from multiple locations without compromising that experience. Part of ... READ MORE>>
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So far, Citrix Synergy has been great for RES Software! We had a lot of booth traffic, and some great conversations. Take a look at our short video recap from the opening festivities. More videos to come! ... READ MORE>>
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