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"Power Is Nothing Without Control". A slogan Pirelli has been using for quite a few years now. In motorsports it's not just the amount of horsepower that determines whether you will win or lose a race.  You need traction as well to be able to corner or you'll end up in the track barriers. 10 minute setup! The same goes for RES Workspace Manager. While the initial installation and configuration is easy, with a bit of creativity you are able to create a very complex environment. RES Workspace Manager has many different tools to investigate various kinds of issues; some are more effective than others. One of the methods we at RES Software Support often ... READ MORE>>
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Healthcare.gov has been a hotbed for political cartoonists looking for enough material to populate an entire Google search.

If you don’thealthcare.gov believe me, go to Google, enter “healthcare.gov website cartoon” click on images, and prepare to waste a morning alternately laughing and cursing. Everyone, or what appears to be everyone given that this is politics, seems to agree with one or more of the following:
  • The system was inadequately planned
  • The requirements were changed up to the last minute
  • The testing was ‘accelerated’ resulting in inadequate quality validation
  • And last but certainly not least, the launch was based on external pressure, not a validation of system readiness
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Sean DonahueEvery Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployment starts with the best of intentions. You strive for simpler desktop management, reduced storage costs, better central control, increased efficiency and security. Whatever your reason you may find yourself on the brink of a user revolution that can topple your VDI. Analysts say that 50% of VDI projects stall or fail. The problem stems from IT’s taking away too many of the liberties from the users in the pursuit of the above business gains. When the user is made to sacrifice, they will abandon the corporate desktops and vote with their credit cards, purchasing their own devices and software to get their jobs done. Persistence - ... READ MORE>>
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By Thomas Kurz, Channel Manager Central Europe, RES Software The tides have been changing quickly for user virtualization, and with all the complexity that IT must overcome, it’s no surprise that this space is picking up speed. Whether it be to manage “hybrid” desktop environments that combine delivery platforms to accommodate an increasingly mobile user-base, or to preserve the user experience and personalization as organizations look to standardize with desktop virtualization, user virtualization is rapidly transforming from a nice-to-have-technology to a must-have. But don’t just take my word for it. In Germany, we recently engaged with IDC to study the market. Check out the press release below ... READ MORE>>
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Citrix Synergy is next week, and we’re excited about some great demos we have planned at our booth (#308) and in the Desktop Transformation Pavilion (#803). Here’s a quick preview of what you can expect to see from RES: Analyze your Current Environment for Successful Desktop Transformation – In this demo, attendees will receive a preview of the new RES Baseline Desktop Analyzer. Gather valuable data for users segmentation and optimal desktop virtualization with a lightweight, non intrusive desktop sampler application. Accelerate Deployment and Adoption of XenDesktop – RES Solution Architects will show you how to make pooled desktops feasible for a greater number of users, which allows you to persist user state and data from session-to-session when using ... READ MORE>>
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