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PatrikBoeing Believes in Automation Boeing is secretly at work on a new automation solution for its 777x jet, which is expected to launch by the end of this decade. This will reduce the manual labor required to assemble the hull, allowing an increase in the rate of production. In a highly competitive environment like the commercial airplane industry, with incredibly complex systems to design and manufacture, speed is a critical survival strategy. You either optimize or stay grounded. Not only do you need to find the right solution that can help with automation, you also Fusion x64 TIFF Fileneed to find the ... READ MORE>>
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If you want to enable your users to request software installations or other machine related actions on their own computer with  Service Orchestration and RES Automation Manager, you need to make sure that Automation Manager is able to determine which Agent to schedule the Run Book to. This article describes how you can accomplish that. On the Automation Manager side Create a Run Book that performs the desired task(s) on the user's machine. This could be a software installation but also a defragmentation or predefined cleanup task. When configuring the Job inside the Run Book make sure to select the 'Ask during Run Book scheduling' option. This will cause RES Automation Manager to accept the Agent name provided by  Service ... READ MORE>>
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By, Ole-Kristian Sivertsen, Regional Director, RES Software Nordics

20% of  your business applications are probably eligible for new delivery methods like the “App Store” and “Android Market.” But IT must be aware of some key limitations of these models. One major trend that can’t be ignored is the consumerization of IT being fueled by smartphone and tablet adoption. There is no doubt that business applications are in strong need of new delivery vehicles that users are growing accustomed to on their personal devices.  The “App Store” and “Android Market” are good examples of how users may want to access applications in the workplace in the near future. ... READ MORE>>
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Grant Tiller, Senior Product Manager

We had a great time during our attendance at Briforum this year in London. There was a lot of excitement and a constant stream of traffic to our booth, with people stopping by for presentations and booth demos throughout the event. Of course, there was a lot of anticipation around our iPad drawing, which was awarded to Adam Kelly from SCH.

Our breakout session, IT and User: If Roles were Reversed, went extremely well, with a huge amount of audience participation. We showcased the Service Orchestration module of RES Automation Manager, and how ... READ MORE>>
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Check out the Product Pricing and Packaging Changes We’re Excited About

When our partners and customers speak, we like to listen! While planning the new version of RES Workspace Manager, we spoke to many of our partners and customers. During these conversations, we learned that many customers face the same challenges today that NEED to be fixed. And those customers also have similar wish lists for the future. It is especially important to understand why we made these changes because pricing is a direct result of combining the right functionalities in a product. I would like to give you some insight into the rationale behind the decisions and the two immediate changes at RES that resulted from our conversations ... READ MORE>>
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