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Introduction:   Lately we have been receiving significantly more calls regarding Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager software and how this product can be used to stream virtual applications to clients. Basically the challenge we notice some of our customers are facing, is how they can benefit from a scalable, location based distribution method (like SCCM) while at the same time maintaining application manageability with RES Workspace Manager.   The challenge:   When using both the SCCM and App-V on the same workstation, and using RES Workspace Manager on top of this, things can get complicated. What we have learned is that there is a lot of confusion out there on which client is actually doing the launch of the ... READ MORE>>
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RES Software was extremely pleased to have been a Gold Sponsor at Microsoft Management Summit 2011 last week in Las Vegas. We made some big announcements out in Vegas, including an expansion to our relationship with Microsoft, as well as news of a US healthcare provider deploying RES Workspace Manager and RES Virtual Desktop Extender. It was an exciting event with a chance to connect with the Microsoft team, partners and customers. “Governance, Risk, and Compliance,” was a major theme at this year’s MMS. Interesting choice of words considering the Las Vegas setting.  At any rate, we were happy to show attendees how our technology helps businesses maintain compliance and policy by managing users’ access levels based ... READ MORE>>
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We are really excited about Microsoft Management Summit 2011. Throughout the event, we will be demonstrating how RES Software integrates with a variety of Microsoft products. Here are the in-booth demos you can see live at booth 415 next week. Take our poll and vote for what you are looking forward to the most! What Are You Looking Forward to at MMS? (polls) 1)      Microsoft Desktop Virtualization and Cloud Integration
  • Roam user state across RDS, VDI, MED-V and local environments without roaming profiles
  • Seamlessly display locally executing applications within VDI and RDS sessions
  • Publish and secure App-V and RemoteApp applications centrally through a single console
  2)      RES ... READ MORE>>
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Brian Casselman, Systems Engineer

I recently came across a conversation on LinkedIn surrounding tips and experience with Windows 7 migration. With so many organizations in the process of making this move, or planning to do so in 2011, it’s a very relevant and important discussion that I’d like to share my thoughts on. The challenge with user migration for a lot of my customers has been how much energy and effort they want to put into migrating data vs. personality. Data is a no-brainer. This must be moved, or you may be faced with an uprising from the staff. Personality is a whole other topic. How much of the user’s personality is critical to ... READ MORE>>
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The latest versions of both App-V and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) can work together to deliver virtual applications to the user. Some minor changes needed to be made to RES PowerFuse to support the executable (VApplauncher.exe) used by this new method. This blog describes the way to configure RES PowerFuse to handle App-V applications distributed by SCCM.  Create a Software Distribution Package In the SCCM console, create a new software distribution package by going to Site Database > Computer Management > Software Distribution > Packages. Right-click on Packages and choose New > Virtual Application Package   Browse for the App-V XML file belonging to the application you’re adding. Click [Next >]. Add information as ... READ MORE>>
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