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The latest versions of both App-V and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) can work together to deliver virtual applications to the user. Some minor changes needed to be made to RES PowerFuse to support the executable (VApplauncher.exe) used by this new method. This blog describes the way to configure RES PowerFuse to handle App-V applications distributed by SCCM.  Create a Software Distribution Package In the SCCM console, create a new software distribution package by going to Site Database > Computer Management > Software Distribution > Packages. Right-click on Packages and choose New > Virtual Application Package   Browse for the App-V XML file belonging to the application you’re adding. Click [Next >]. Add information as ... READ MORE>>
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Shell Folder handling in a RES PowerFuse session
The way in which users’s Desktop, Start menu and Quick Launch folders are handled has been redesigned in RES PowerFuse 2008 SR5.

Users’ Desktop, Start menu and Quick Launch folders require careful handling by RES PowerFuse in sessions using the Windows shell. RES PowerFuse must take into account that these folders can contain items that were created prior to the RES PowerFuse session, and which should not be made visible in the RES PowerFuse session.

Before SR5, RES PowerFuse copied such items to special folders when the session started, and when the session logged off this action was reversed. However, this method had some drawbacks.

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Someone showed me this neat little trick a while ago (can't remember who though. Sorry.) and I needed it today. I wanted to walk through the registry of a specific terminal server user. So I logged onto that terminal server too (using my own credentials) and opened up regedit... And then it hit me (again). I need to know the SID of the user to open his part of the registry.

To prevent having to get a SID ever again I implemented the earlier mentioned trick. I launched the RES PowerFuse console, went to Powerlaunch; User Registry and added a new String Value directly under HKEY_CURRENT_USER. I named the String "Username" and entered "%username%" ... READ MORE>>
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Focus, when you look this up on Wikipedia you will get as result

"Focus (computing), a component of the graphical user interface which is currently selected"

So focus is important for users, when they select an application that application should get focus and not some other application or object in their Workspace.

RES PowerFuse in Combination with RES Subscriber (or RES Workspace Extender) creates a cohesive environment between local installed applications and a central desktop. This gives the user the experience of a single desktop with all his applications. When the user selects one of those applications that application, local or remote, will get the focus.

Unfortunately because of the ... READ MORE>>
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