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Sean DonahueWhen I was young and foolish I ignored some of the biggest pot holes on the road to VDI salvation. But I am here to warn you against the mistakes I have made. 1 - Thou Shalt Not Be a Bandwidth Glutton Since Ethernet, and then fiber, became so prevalent and displaced slower speeds of ARCnet and Token Ring, we all too often take our bandwidth for granted. But when too many users are all accessing virtual desktops in a data center and using our Ethernet as their twisted pair, highway traffic jams can, and will, occur. And what is the result of binary traffic jams? Slow speeds for those users ... READ MORE>>
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Microsoft Exchange 2013 is available for a while now and with this article I will try to explain how to create E-mail Settings to use in RES Workspace Manager to configure an e-mail profile automatically. Important changes in Exchange 2013 Microsoft Outlook clients can only connect using Outlook Anywhere (RPC/HTTP). Before it was also possible to connect using RPC/TCP with Microsoft Outlook clients. Microsoft Outlook 2003 isn't supported anymore because it doesn't support the auto discovery of the Microsoft Exchange server. All the changes can be found in this article: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj619283.aspx Creating E-mail Settings for Exchange 2013 Please make sure that the Exchange 2013 certificate is imported on the clients. Without this certificate Outlook 2013 will ... READ MORE>>
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We are asked from time to time about upgrading from older versions of RES Workspace Manager to the latest and greatest versions.
  • What is involved?
  • What are the prerequisites?
  • Is it simple?
Here at RES Software, our awesome development team take pride in making the upgrade path as simple and as pain free as possible! ... that's because most of them have been there and done that - they have been where you are today and some have the scars to prove it, and if you ask them nicely (or ply them with Duvel) they'll show you ;-) Sometime ago, the Product Management team created a Best Practice Guide for Upgrading RES Workspace Manager - it can be ... READ MORE>>
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Since RES PowerFuse 2010 SR1 a new option has been introduced within the RES PowerFuse / Workspace Manager Console: Disable Active Setup. Still a lot of questions arise around this subject. Let me try to explain a bit more and give a nice example from a current customer case. The purpose of this blog? Disable Active Setup is more and more used as a logon-speed-up feature. Fact is that Active Setup takes some valuable time from the user at logon. These days more Local Profiles are being used, customers hate to see the Active setup at each logon. It is so easy to enable this feature, but think about the possible consequences. What is the Microsoft Active Setup Feature? When ... READ MORE>>
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This post describes some random performance tips, triggered by some issues reported at RES Software Support. When you are busy in maintaining everything for your users, you might ‘forget’ to plan some maintenance within your RES Workspace Manager Console. After changes within your IT infrastructure you probably have to make some cleanup actions within your RES WSM environment. This blog is based on RES Workspace Manager 2011. Create a RES Datastore backup and Building Blocks to have a proper fallback scenario. The next steps can positively influence your RES WSM environment. These are sorted like the order within the RES Console. 1.  Context 1.1  Clean up Directory Services (Context – Directory Services) Check for Directory Services or Microsoft ... READ MORE>>
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