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This is the fourth and final post in a series covering ITaaS. Catch up here, as I start from the end of the ITaaS spectrum, giving IT admins a comprehensive view of how all the pieces of ITaaS  must come together for a successful transformation.  This post will cover the first step in the process, the crucial discovery phase. By Adam Stockley, Pre-sales Consultant, RES Software Discovery The first step in any transformation is to understand exactly what you are dealing with today. IT infrastructures are complex, and in many cases, the requirement for flexibility has led to an ad-hoc, unstructured approach to the delivery of IT ... READ MORE>>
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This is the third post in a series about ITaaS. The posts walk IT admins through the steps of enabling true ITaaS, starting from the last step. This post will cover the importance of service enablement and service delivery.

By Adam Stockley, Pre-sales Consultant, RES Software

As I explained in my previous post, when describing the configuration of services within the catalog, simply installing an application is not necessarily enough for the full enablement of a service. And what about services that don’t actually require installation in order for them to work?

Service Enablement

Technology that is deployed ... READ MORE>>
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The wait is finally over. Ruben Spruijt of PQR has released the highly anticipated User Environment Management Smackdown. Whether you want to call it workspace management, user virtualization, persistent personalization or user environment management, today’s IT departments implementing desktop virtualization technology are benefitting from solutions that allow them to separate a user’s settings, application and data from the underlying hardware, delivery platforms and devices. And at last, a third-party has developed a full analysis of the technologies available to help IT achieve better management of their users, as well as the IT services those users are offered. In this 100+ page report, Ruben and his team ... READ MORE>>
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By Thomas Kurz, Channel Manager Central Europe, RES Software The tides have been changing quickly for user virtualization, and with all the complexity that IT must overcome, it’s no surprise that this space is picking up speed. Whether it be to manage “hybrid” desktop environments that combine delivery platforms to accommodate an increasingly mobile user-base, or to preserve the user experience and personalization as organizations look to standardize with desktop virtualization, user virtualization is rapidly transforming from a nice-to-have-technology to a must-have. But don’t just take my word for it. In Germany, we recently engaged with IDC to study the market. Check out the press release below ... READ MORE>>
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It’s funny how some of the universal truths of the world we live in can be directly translated in the world of IT. For example, getting philosophical, I’ll reference the well known Maslow’s "hierarchy of needs". Most of us would like to believe that we are at the top level of this pyramid, self actualization. In this level of hierarchy, we desire to realize our full potential, or in other words, be all that we can be. But what happens when both IT professionals and users find themselves at this level of the pyramid? This constant thrive for self-realization often leads to a paradox. The more you get ... READ MORE>>
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