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How Vulnerable is the International Space Station?

By: Sean Donahue So I was watching NBC’s Today Show, as I do every morning, and one particular segment caught my eye. Astronaut Karen Nyberg was being interviewed about a viral video she released on how she washes her long blonde hair in zero gravity. Now, as fascinated as I am with the hygiene of astronauts, […]

RES Automation Manager 2012 SR4

On April 8th we released Automation Manager SR4. Below you’ll find a list of the most important changes in this release. Please download the release notes from our support portal to read the full list of new features and enhancements.    New features: PowerShell 3.0. support: Automation Manager now fully supports Windows 8 and Windows […]

Notes From the Road 26 – Fare Thee Well MMS

By: Sean Donahue I have been attending, speaking at and sponsoring MMS since 2005. I can honestly say that this year’s MMS was unlike any other before. Why? Because this year’s was the most anticlimactic event I have had the displeasure of attending since Citrix Synergy EMEA 2012. This year’s MMS lacked any net new announcement. […]

Notes from the Road 24 – Long Live Project Titan

By: Sean Donahue XenApp connector for SCCM Today Microsoft and Citrix announced the release of the new XenApp connector for System Center Configuration Manager 2012 (a.k.a Project Thor). When I was at Microsoft I was part of the team that brought the original connector to market (f.k.a Project Titan). These releases are great steps forward in […]

HOW TO Configure Microsoft SCCM 2007 and Microsoft APP-V to play nicely with RES Workspace Manager.

Introduction:   Lately we have been receiving significantly more calls regarding Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager software and how this product can be used to stream virtual applications to clients. Basically the challenge we notice some of our customers are facing, is how they can benefit from a scalable, location based distribution method (like SCCM) […]