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A few great weeks on the road have just come to an end; and with a chance to breathe, comes a chance to reflect. Two things I found myself thinking about on my plane ride from HIMSS were ogres and onions. Keep reading...it makes sense. The Value of Stolen EHR One of the sessions I attended at HIMSS reviewed Florida’s system for evaluating eligibility, and managing access, for healthcare and other government benefits. A key point for me was the number, breadth, and sophistication of criminals blog callouttargeting healthcare; and the increasing demand for stolen patient records. Estimates varied, depending on the source, but they all ... READ MORE>>
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"Power Is Nothing Without Control". A slogan Pirelli has been using for quite a few years now. In motorsports it's not just the amount of horsepower that determines whether you will win or lose a race.  You need traction as well to be able to corner or you'll end up in the track barriers. 10 minute setup! The same goes for RES Workspace Manager. While the initial installation and configuration is easy, with a bit of creativity you are able to create a very complex environment. RES Workspace Manager has many different tools to investigate various kinds of issues; some are more effective than others. One of the methods we at RES Software Support often ... READ MORE>>
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Sean DonahueWhen I was young and foolish I ignored some of the biggest pot holes on the road to VDI salvation. But I am here to warn you against the mistakes I have made. 1 - Thou Shalt Not Be a Bandwidth Glutton Since Ethernet, and then fiber, became so prevalent and displaced slower speeds of ARCnet and Token Ring, we all too often take our bandwidth for granted. But when too many users are all accessing virtual desktops in a data center and using our Ethernet as their twisted pair, highway traffic jams can, and will, occur. And what is the result of binary traffic jams? Slow speeds for those users ... READ MORE>>
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This is the third post in a series about ITaaS. The posts walk IT admins through the steps of enabling true ITaaS, starting from the last step. This post will cover the importance of service enablement and service delivery.

By Adam Stockley, Pre-sales Consultant, RES Software

As I explained in my previous post, when describing the configuration of services within the catalog, simply installing an application is not necessarily enough for the full enablement of a service. And what about services that don’t actually require installation in order for them to work?

Service Enablement

Technology that is deployed ... READ MORE>>
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Happy New Year. Recently I guest blogged on VMBlog.com about the upcoming year in our industry and what it means to the RES portfolio. Here are some highlights.

With the increasing adoption of devices such as smartphones, tablets, touch sensitive screens and sub compact, ultra portable hardware, enterprises are going to realize that their employees are using these to access data and applications throughout the day. Android, Windows 7 (with the launch of Windows 8) and iOS all have enterprise and consumer experiences people desire. The biggest point of disruption to the IT department is Christmas, as new technology floats into the hands of corporate users. ... READ MORE>>
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