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In one of my previous blog articles I promised to give you a closer look at the Dispatcher Discovery process. It took me a while but now I will fulfill that promise. Together with my colleague Bas van Goor I created an overview of the discovery process and in this article I will walk you through it.

Why do we actually need a discovery process? The RES Automation Manager Agent doesn’t communicate directly with the database. It does so by means of one or more Dispatchers and for an uninterrupted communication process it needs to have a list of functional and reachable Dispatchers in its memory. Building an initial list of Dispatchers in memory is what we ... READ MORE>>
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Jeff Fisher, VP, Business Development

Whether you look at it from a device perspective, or at the delivery platform level, it’s become abundantly clear that there is no longer such thing as a homogenous IT environment. Today’s users are too dynamic and require too much flexibility for the traditional approach to IT. RES has spent a lot of time defining this newly emerging “hybrid desktop” trend, and helping customers adapt to the quickly changing needs of users. Part of our commitment to the hybrid desktop movement is collaborating with other technology providers to really define what this change means, and how we can help customers get ahead of it. One of the most important things to consider is ... READ MORE>>
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Here’s a post by RES product manager Grant Tiller with some great tips on creating an efficient demo environment to really demonstrate the full functionality of RES Software. These steps can help RES partners more effectively demo our software while working on a single laptop. IT pros can also use this as a guide to show the software’s capabilities to their peers and managers. I am frequently asked to demonstrate a variety of different scenarios when I am out talking to customers. There is a limit to what I can do with one laptop, so I created a way to toggle between different environments quickly and easily. This means I can demonstrate Workspace Manager to its full potential without ... READ MORE>>
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In our second IT Insight of the year, we focus on how to introduce context-aware computing into your IT environment. Today, it’s fairly common for people to work from different locations, as well as multiple platforms, all in the same work day. This is why context-aware computing is increasingly important. Wherever they are, users need access to their settings, applications and data, but IT still needs to control how and in what situations they should be able to access it. Creating a context-aware environment allows IT to control what content their users have access to, and when and where they have access to it. Essentially, it allows IT to set the parameters that dynamically create a workspace that is unique ... READ MORE>>
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