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The wait is finally over. Ruben Spruijt of PQR has released the highly anticipated User Environment Management Smackdown. Whether you want to call it workspace management, user virtualization, persistent personalization or user environment management, today’s IT departments implementing desktop virtualization technology are benefitting from solutions that allow them to separate a user’s settings, application and data from the underlying hardware, delivery platforms and devices. And at last, a third-party has developed a full analysis of the technologies available to help IT achieve better management of their users, as well as the IT services those users are offered. In this 100+ page report, Ruben and his team ... READ MORE>>
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Hot of the press from the Citrix team, RES has been selected as a 2011 Citrix Ready Solution of the Year Award finalist. RES is excited to be named a finalist by Citrix in this prestigious award two years in a row! We hope you enjoyed getting a preview of the great RES and Citrix demos we have planned for Synergy earlier this week. In other related Synergy news, RES has —not one— but two exciting breakout sessions at next week’s event.
Managing FlexCast delivery with the RES Dynamic Desktop Studio will be led by CTO Bob Janssen and Jeff Fisher, VP, Business Development. They will show you how you can effectively and efficiently ... READ MORE>>
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We are really excited about Microsoft Management Summit 2011. Throughout the event, we will be demonstrating how RES Software integrates with a variety of Microsoft products. Here are the in-booth demos you can see live at booth 415 next week. Take our poll and vote for what you are looking forward to the most! What Are You Looking Forward to at MMS? (polls) 1)      Microsoft Desktop Virtualization and Cloud Integration
  • Roam user state across RDS, VDI, MED-V and local environments without roaming profiles
  • Seamlessly display locally executing applications within VDI and RDS sessions
  • Publish and secure App-V and RemoteApp applications centrally through a single console
  2)      RES ... READ MORE>>
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Check out the Product Pricing and Packaging Changes We’re Excited About

When our partners and customers speak, we like to listen! While planning the new version of RES Workspace Manager, we spoke to many of our partners and customers. During these conversations, we learned that many customers face the same challenges today that NEED to be fixed. And those customers also have similar wish lists for the future. It is especially important to understand why we made these changes because pricing is a direct result of combining the right functionalities in a product. I would like to give you some insight into the rationale behind the decisions and the two immediate changes at RES that resulted from our conversations ... READ MORE>>
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Brian Casselman, Systems Engineer

I recently came across a conversation on LinkedIn surrounding tips and experience with Windows 7 migration. With so many organizations in the process of making this move, or planning to do so in 2011, it’s a very relevant and important discussion that I’d like to share my thoughts on. The challenge with user migration for a lot of my customers has been how much energy and effort they want to put into migrating data vs. personality. Data is a no-brainer. This must be moved, or you may be faced with an uprising from the staff. Personality is a whole other topic. How much of the user’s personality is critical to ... READ MORE>>
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