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PatrikMillions of users worldwide use RES Workspace Manager. Here are five specific use cases for this powerhouse product – things even experienced RES Workspace Manager users may not know. 1. USB Security usb securitySecuring a desktop environment is not easy, especially if you have roaming users and multiple delivery mechanisms – like many hospitals we know. Take an item as simple as a USB drive, which can add to (viruses) or remove (confidential company data) assets from the devices to which they are connected. RES Workspace Manager can easily decide when, where, and by whom USB drives can be accessed and written. You can even decide ... READ MORE>>
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Happy New Year. Recently I guest blogged on VMBlog.com about the upcoming year in our industry and what it means to the RES portfolio. Here are some highlights.

With the increasing adoption of devices such as smartphones, tablets, touch sensitive screens and sub compact, ultra portable hardware, enterprises are going to realize that their employees are using these to access data and applications throughout the day. Android, Windows 7 (with the launch of Windows 8) and iOS all have enterprise and consumer experiences people desire. The biggest point of disruption to the IT department is Christmas, as new technology floats into the hands of corporate users. ... READ MORE>>
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Hi everyone, we wanted to make you aware of a great webcast panel discussion coming up this week. On Nov 10th, 11AM ET (4PM GMT) we will be joined by 451 Group’s Rachel Chalmers, Research Director of Infrastructure Management; an analyst well known for her research on desktop virtualization.

This session is hosted by BrightTALK, and will cover trends faced by IT today and how context aware computing can answer the challenges brought to organizations through Consumerization, BYoPC, BYoT, BYoD and more. Context aware ‘IT as a Service’ is all about managing the user in the way they want to work, in the location they prefer, using ... READ MORE>>
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imageHi everyone, we wanted to make you aware of an upcoming Webcast, the RES team are jointly delivering with Forrester about the journey to the Hybrid Desktop.  This mix of analyst research and in-market technology promises to be an interesting discussion.  Here is what we plan to cover.

Consumerization of IT has brought organizations an immense challenge.  User preferences are shaping IT strategy, not only for devices they choose to work on, but where they want to work, and the applications they prefer.  Today’s workforce is

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By, Ole-Kristian Sivertsen, Regional Director, RES Software Nordics

20% of  your business applications are probably eligible for new delivery methods like the “App Store” and “Android Market.” But IT must be aware of some key limitations of these models. One major trend that can’t be ignored is the consumerization of IT being fueled by smartphone and tablet adoption. There is no doubt that business applications are in strong need of new delivery vehicles that users are growing accustomed to on their personal devices.  The “App Store” and “Android Market” are good examples of how users may want to access applications in the workplace in the near future. ... READ MORE>>
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