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The RES IT Store – The Video

Last year, we introduced the RES IT Store which allows employees to have a single destination where new applications and services can be requested and returned.  We’ve gotten great feedback from customers as this has allowed them to add a “face” to IT for the business.  They are experiencing improved productivity as this allows IT […]

camp it

Reflecting on CAMP IT

Just before the Thanksgiving Day holiday, I delivered a presentation to a group of IT professionals at the CAMP IT ITSM conference in Chicago, Illinois. Many of the attendees that I spoke to were either in the process of setting up a Service Management Office at their company or, having recently established one, were looking […]

Hello, I’m a Mac

By:  Pål Aaserudseter If you’re a Mac fan boy like me then you probably remember those funny Apple commercials from a few years ago including, the PC Innovation Lab. (For a refresher, check it out below.) Now my reason for referring to this video has nothing to do with mocking a PC (a Mac is […]