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Zander-newIn my previous blog post, 4 Faults with IT as a Service and How to Avoid Them, I recommended as a first step solution to start automating your daily IT activities as the foundation for ITaaS. But as stated, that’s only the foundation. Today I will explain how you can take ITaaS to the next level – by adding true value to your offering and elevate the IT department to a trusted service provider. The first three problems I identified in my last blog are that today, IT decides:
  • When the application is delivered
  • To whom the application is delivered
  • Why the application is delivered
In fact, the only ... READ MORE>>
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Zander-new Our video demonstration of the self-service capability of an employee using the RES IT Store and automation with no manual intervention from IT. Join Karl Heisenberg on his first day of work at Quantum Inc as he sets up his mobile number with Quantum and adds it to his email signature. If you enjoyed this video, check out the other in our IT Store Demo series: RES IT Store Demo Series: Onboarding For more information on the RES IT Store visit READ MORE>>
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In order to use the RES IT Store, IIS needs to be configured in a specific way. In this blog post we will describe how to install and configure Microsoft IIS on several Microsoft Windows Server editions. Installing Microsoft IIS for RES IT Store on Microsoft Windows Server 2012. Installing Microsoft IIS for RES IT Store on Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2. Installing Microsoft IIS for RES IT Store on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Start Server Manager On the Add Roles and Feature wizard select Web Server (IIS): Click on Next three times and select these features: Note: When you select ASP.NET 4.5 this window will be displayed, in this window click Add Features: Click next and install. Reboot ... READ MORE>>
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Luca Lo Castro2

By Luca Lo Castro - Technical Consultant, RES Software

Your first experiences in life are hard to forget, or are they? I guess there is a kind of memory imprinting process, recording all our first experiences in life, but to be honest, I can’t remember all of them. I hear you, “Luca you’re getting old!” but I disagree with that statement. I think we tend to only remember the good moments and forget the bad. Today I know one thing that I will never forget: My first RES IT Store deployment*. The Problem Solver in Me Ninety percent of my time at work is spent solving ... READ MORE>>
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PatrikBoeing Believes in Automation Boeing is secretly at work on a new automation solution for its 777x jet, which is expected to launch by the end of this decade. This will reduce the manual labor required to assemble the hull, allowing an increase in the rate of production. In a highly competitive environment like the commercial airplane industry, with incredibly complex systems to design and manufacture, speed is a critical survival strategy. You either optimize or stay grounded. Not only do you need to find the right solution that can help with automation, you also Fusion x64 TIFF Fileneed to find the ... READ MORE>>
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