The Public Sector Looks to IT to Lead the Way

Never in its history has the public sector faced such fundamental change. The financial challenges faced are well documented. However, at the same time that budgets are being squeezed, it’s becoming evident that organisations need to revamp and streamline how they deliver services to, and interact with, citizens. The focus on transformation has led to […]

Hello, I’m a Mac

By:  Pål Aaserudseter If you’re a Mac fan boy like me then you probably remember those funny Apple commercials from a few years ago including, the PC Innovation Lab. (For a refresher, check it out below.) Now my reason for referring to this video has nothing to do with mocking a PC (a Mac is […]


3 Easy MBO’s for every IT Pro

By: Sean Donahue Now that the @ressoftware IT Store has launched, our annual kickoff event has ended, and my duties as Master of Ceremonies (emcee) are complete, I am looking to define my Management by Objectives or MBO’s for 2014. After all, don’t we all love writing our MBO’s every new fiscal year? I would rather […]