Paulina Adams
Prinicpal Support Engineer
I have joined RES Software early 2004 and I have seen and experienced the tremendous growth of RES Software and our products. Working as a Support Engineer at RES Software requires in-depth knowledge of diverse products and excellent troubleshooting skills. Overall a very challenging an exciting job. Since the day I started at RES Software, there hasn’t been a single day gone by that I didn’t enjoy my job!
Stefan Bruijns
Senior Support Engineer
In February 2005 I started working for RES Software. Before I started working for RES Software I worked as System Engineer for several companies without using the products that RES Software delivers. Now I can’t imagine anymore how to manage IT environments without RES PowerFuse and RES Wisdom! Working at the support department of RES Software is something I can’t describe in just one word, it’s: great, super, cool, big opportunity, etc
Gerry de Bruin
Senior Support Engineer & Team leader
I have been working in ICT as a network engineer and consultant for about fourteen years now. The last five years I have been mainly working in server based computing environments (SBC). Since March 2009 I am working as a senior support engineer at RES software. In February 2010 I became team leader of the support team. I truly love my job and I am proud to be working for RES Software.
Sean Donahue
Sr. Director, Global Alliance Marketing
I am one of the new guys here (2011) at RES starting on a brilliant team doing marketing for some really stellar products. For the past 5 years, I have been at Microsoft serving as the Senior Business Development Manager. I look forward to driving the programs we plan on co-developing with partners such as Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, Intel and others, and I plan on being a regular contributor to the RES blogosphere.
Roland van Dorp
Senior Support Engineer
I’ve been using RES PowerFuse since the early beginnings as a customer, from 2001. July 2006 was the big change for me where I joined RES Software Suppport. In a very exciting and challenging job we meet all corners of IT products you can imagine. This is a very exciting part of our job, almost every day we will be in touch with new technology, and all parts has to fit together to offer the best possible solution to our customers. It is really a privilege to work with an outstanding RES Support team.
Jeff Fisher
VP, Emerging Technologies
I’m responsible for exploring key market trends and managing the introduction of advanced solutions to early adopter customers and partners. I lead RES Research Boston, a team of program managers, developers and consultants currently responsible for the upcoming launch of the RES IT Store. I’ve been involved with strategic planning and market development, technical selling and alliance formation in the infrastructure software market for more than 20 years, including working for Desktone, Softricity and Citrix over the course of my career.
Erwin Grim
Senior Support Engineer
I’ve been working with RES products since 2004 and have always been very enthusiastic about the software. In 2010 I took the opportunity to quit my job and started a career as a Support Engineer at RES software. In this job, support goes way beyond supporting and troubleshooting RES products. Besides the technical satisfaction, I feel, working in the RES support team is a privilege. Without a doubt starting at RES software was the best decision I made in years.
Rob de Korte
Senior Support Engineer
After a career in the trucking business I made the switch to IT in 1998. Since then I have been working as an MCSE trainer and as a Server Administrator for a large multinational ICT company. When I attended a RES Wisdom Demo session somewhere in 2006 I was hooked instantly. A year later I started working at RES Software Support and haven’t regretted it since. Supporting the RES Software products involves almost every facet of IT Management. This triggers us to keep up-to-date in a variety of technical areas and provides a nice challenge every day.
Martin Lako
Senior Support Engineer
I have joined the RES Software Support team in June 2008. Before that I’ve worked in the SMB market for more than six years, building user workspaces with RES PowerFuse and RES Wisdom. I became more and more enthusiastic about the vision and products, and eventually I’ve contacted RES Software and everything went very fast. The decision to start working for RES Software, is the best decision I’ve made in my IT career so far. It’s a very challenging job and I’m extremely proud to be a member of a very professional highly skilled Support team.
Eddie van Ravesteijn
Pre-Sales Consultant
In an ever increasing complexity of application delivery methods, it is our goal to simplify the management of such a heterogeneous application delivery landscape. My goal is to go out to our customers and to listen very carefully to their problems and challenges. From there on it is my job to find out how we can help our customers. Matching our products on their challenges is the most important part of my job. I joined RES Software 3 years ago after 10 years of hands-on experience as an IT engineer. I have worked on large Windows migration projects at organizations such as KLM, Philips, IBM and ASML.
Grant Tiller
Senior Product Manager
I have been working with virtualization technologies since the mid-nineties, when I cut my teeth on Insignia NTrigue, a technology that was acquired by Citrix in January 1998. I then went on to roll-out the world’s first Terminal Server implementation based on Windows 2000 (which we went live with in 1999). A proud moment was when the project received a mention in one of Steve Ballmer’s keynotes during the launch of Windows 2000.Since then, I got the bug, and have been evangelizing about the benefits of virtualization in its various guises ever since! I got involved with RES Software in January 2006, as I saw the benefit in separating the user from a specific device… one of the pain points I had suffered from myself with previous projects. I found the top down approach appealing… deal with the User first and foremost, and everything else will follow with less impact and no downtime – a concept that is even more important today with the advent of hosted virtual desktops and complex operating system migrations. I love the continual challenge we get from customers on a daily basis, and every day in my role at RES Software is different from the last. Our technology is moving so quickly, it certainly keeps life interesting!