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Sean headshot What On Saturday April 26th, Microsoft released a security advisory regarding a new vulnerability affecting every version of Internet Explorer released since 2001. This is true regardless of the underlying operating system version, but especially detrimental to those still using the unprotected Windows XP operating system. There are three serious factors to consider with this news:
  • This Zero Day attack exploits memory used by IE and is especially vulnerable when the user is running with elevated permissions.
  • This attack utilizes Flash to execute in memory used by IE to cause substantial damage.
  • Microsoft has stated several times previously that they will not patch or update Windows XP post
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    Sean headshotNow that the @ressoftware IT Store has launched, our annual kickoff event has ended, and my duties as Master of Ceremonies (emcee) are complete, I am looking to define my Management by Objectives or MBO’s for 2014. After all, don’t we all love writing our MBO’s every new fiscal year? I would rather be a contestant in the Hunger Games than try to predict what I will accomplish in the coming year. But I digress, here are three MBO’s that any IT Pro can easily achieve with help from the right solutions. (Want to skip to the ending? Those solutions are in the RES Suite ... READ MORE>>
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    Sean headshotHello world, I have some top-secret information to share. If you have not signed your RES Software NDA, please stop reading. Now! Turn away. Go look at YouTube videos on how to open wine bottles without a corkscrew. When I look at release calendars for 2014, I noticed something pretty amazing. Citrix and RES Software are releasing complimentary solutions back to back. With that, everything you knew about IT is about to change…for the better. Citrix is releasing XenApp 7.5 and XenDesktop 7.5 while RES Software has a game changer release with the RES IT Store. Let’s face it, the pillars of IT this year are ... READ MORE>>
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    Sean Donahue

    by Guest Blogger Dave Cusack (A persona of Sean Donahue)

    The Beginning In the beginning, there was a simple Microsoft stack…a single car to drive…a single trusted vendor. Nothing could be better…and I got it all for “free”! I deployed it in my PoC — my test environment. My users got along fine with its roaming profiles and folder redirection functionality.  But, as I got more experienced, my logins grew longer and user profiles became more corrupted. The result was more helpdesk tickets keeping my team bogged down. The voodoo dollcute receptionist on the 13th floor even had a ... READ MORE>>
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    Sean DonahueThou shalt not apply software updates to production systems…” was one of the 10 commandments of IT that Ross Perot brought down from Mount EDS (Electronic Data Systems) in the early days of “Data Systems.” As preached, a recent article by The Register, would lead us to believe that customers are negatively impacted by applying the VMware vSphere replication update. In fact, according to the article as well as a post in the VMware Knowledge Base, this update is so detrimental that it would require a VR rebuild and for replication to be created from scratch.

    Top Ten Threat? Not Even Close  babyboom ... READ MORE>>
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