We’ve opened a YouTube Channel!

We opened our own YouTube channel this week. We hope to provide you with more and more information by using this blog and showing you our videos. Currently there are three videos available. They are pretty basic but there is more to come! Please subscribe to our channel and stay tuned! http://www.youtube.com/user/RESSoftwareSupport ****Please let us […]

RES PowerFuse 2010 upgrade test scenarios

This blog will be interesting if you already have a RES PowerFuse 2008 environment running and want to upgrade to RES PowerFuse 2010. Especially if you do not have a test environment running yet to test the upgrade. And of course explore the new possibilities, features and enhancements of RES PowerFuse 2010.    Why do you […]

Some best practices to take care of with RES PowerFuse

Some best practices for RES PowerFuse: 1. To prevent a denial of access when opening the RES PowerFuse Management Console, create a seperate account, make it member of the build-in full Technical Manager role. Logon to the domain with this special account (only in case of emergency) and try to open the Management Console. Note: […]

RES PowerFuse and Printing explained. Part I: Drivers

What is the role of RES PowerFuse regarding printer drivers? Only one simple answer: there is NO role for RES PowerFuse here at all. What is the role of RES PowerFuse regarding the connection of printer objects? RES PowerFuse delivers a list of printers to a Microsoft Windows API, which will be mapped at logon. […]

Terminal Service Remote App single sign on

With the Release of Windows Server 2008, it is also possible to publish applications from a Microsoft Terminal Server. With RES PowerFuse it is possible to offer applications, which are delivered by multiple mechanisms. RES PowerFuse is also able to offer Microsoft Remote Applications in the users Start Menu. By default Microsoft does not allow […]

Sessions and/or servers freezing sometimes

One of the most frustrating problems you can experience as an administrator within your Terminal Server environment are occasionally freezing sessions or freezing servers. The user session or even the complete server is frozen for some time, in worst case the server will not respond anymore and needs to be shutdown manually. Where to begin […]