Compliments of Support

The Art of Product Support

As a software vendor, it is essential for us at RES Software to provide fanatical support and excellent customer service. Lucky for us, we have lot of fun providing that support. J We offer fantastic services for your RES Software products that are included in your Solution Assurance package. We aim to be very easy […]

Best practice on how to start RES Workspace Manager

After installing RES Workspace Manager, the composer (which facilitates your RES Workspace Manager session) is not started automatically. Laptops and workstations: On laptops and workstations, the composer (pfwsmgr.exe) can be set as shell. You can still use pwrstart.exe (our past executable) but this only launches pfwsmgr.exe and therefore is obsolete. This can be done with different […]

To ‘manage’ or not to ‘manage’

Ever had RES Software Support asking you if the application is started ‘managed’? What is ‘managed’ exactly? When speaking in RES terms about ‘starting an application managed’, it is mainly about executing actions on application level: When RES PowerFuse (pwrgate.exe) is not starting the application, it is not able to execute above actions before application launch. However, […]


You can’t work with them but you can absolutely not work without them. In this blog I intend to give you more information regarding licenses and learn you how to control your licenses. Before we can start, I need to explain the there is an ‘old’ license model and a ‘new’ license model for RES […]

Quick peek at Zero Profile Technology

In RES PowerFuse 2008, we first introduced User Preferences. User Preferences allows you to be flexible with a mandatory user profile. By specifying parts of the profile that needed to be restored by User Preferences, a user with a mandatory profile was still able to have personal settings. User Preferences in RES PowerFuse 2008 can […]

RES PowerFuse tracing

In this blog I will explain how to enable RES PowerFuse Tracing and in which situations it could help you (and us) troubleshooting an RES PowerFuse issue. So, what is traced and what isn’t traced? First of all, only activity from and between RES PowerFuse processes is traced. All RES PowerFuse executables automatically log their actions in the […]