Dave bryantToday, we’re very proud to announce the availability of RES ONE Service Store 2015, Feature Release 1 (FR1).

This release is full of tools to further enable employees to access the right resources at the right times for the right reasons. Giving organizations the opportunity to increase employee productivity and improve security and compliance, simplifying and streamlining their auditing and recertification processes. Here are some of those capabilities:


Enhancing the Employee Experience

We’ve added quite a number of new features to improve the user experience and increase productivity including:

Displayed Expected Service Delivery Time​ RES ONE Service Store - Exected Service Delivery Time2
Employees no longer need to wonder how long it will take for a new service request to be fulfilled. Within the RES ONE Service Store interface, they can find the expected delivery time for any service or application request. Average time to deliver is calculated by historical service delivery data. Administrators can select whether they want this information to be viewed at the individual service level.

Tablet Support for Apple and Android Devices 
In July we announced support for native mobile clients. We have improved our support by including Apple iOS and Android tablet support – making it easier for employees to work from any device and location – as well as, automatic server detection for mobile devices. Users can easily connect their mobile devices without knowing or specifying the correct server and port to connect to the mobile gateway. This enhancement links their email address to their device so the mobile client can automatically connect to their mobile gateway. This means fewer calls to the service desk!

Improved UsabilityRES ONE Service Store - Improved Usability
In this release, we made it even easier for employees to provide information around a service. There are visual cues to ensure the data being entered matches what’s requested to help the user provide input in a specific format. It also validates the input before continuing, minimizing user errors that can cause delays in service requests. Another improvement is support for multi-line text boxes for input. This provides the ability to change the attribute display name from the name used within the administrative UI and an increase in the amount of characters that can be displayed.

Greater Security and Compliance

Identifying and Validating Who Has Access to WhatIdentifying and Validating Access
Organizations spend a lot of time and resources on certifications and re-certifications. Some organizations need to do them annually while many are semi-annual or quarterly. With the new features in RES ONE Service Store, you can significantly reduce certification times by increasing visibility around members of a security group and control their access to data, applications, services, and more.

You can now automate the process of periodic revalidation of membership of the security group. As a result, organizations can automatically detect and remediate account access to seamlessly support governance and the re-certification processes. Streamlined re-certification is possible through our new checklist attribute, simplifying some of the burdensome compliance challenges many organizations face.

While the most popular use case for the new checklist feature has been around re-certifications, there are other applications as well such as expediting the creation of a new VM by selecting the attributes to include from a list. Other use cases include configuring a service that installs applications based on the selection of the end-user, such as in the Microsoft Office suite.

Device Identification
With this latest release we are supporting a new framework to support communication between RES ONE Service Store and the local device, allowing an organization to streamline their processes to deliver the right services to the correct device. This can be used for device identification, removing the need for reverse DNS lookup. This improves support where host names are the same or a device is outside the corporate network.

In addition to these highlights, we’ve added various fixes and enhancements. Please check out the release notes in the RES Success Center for all the details.

Special Thanks

As always, thanks to all the team members who helped to create the release and the community who provided a lot of good suggestions (keep them coming!). As always, feel free to add comments below, reach out to the RES Product Managers or provide new ideas to the RES Success Center.