Michel RothToday we’re very proud to announce the availability of RES ONE Workspace 2015! This major release is full of amazing capabilities that help deliver more agility, mobility and security to today’s digital workspaces.

Here are some key capabilities in RES ONE Workspace 2015.

File Hash-Based Application Security

Our Application Security has become even more powerful by adding a feature that uniquely identifies a file locked folders2based on its hash. Any change to the contents of the file (or substitution of one file for another with the same name) inevitably results in a different file hash. The ability to require a match at the file hash level offers enhanced IT security by reducing the risk of security breaches or threats caused by harmful applications.

This extra level of application security was designed by working closely with our customers using the key principles of security robustness, enterprise scalability and usability. This new RES ONE Workspace 2015 capability will enable our customers to introduce new and very comprehensive cybersecurity initiatives. One customer’s initiative, for example, will span more than one million RES ONE Workspace 2015 agents across an entire continent.  RES ONE Workspace 2015 customers are now able to execute cybersecurity initiatives that provide complete control over all applications that are allowed to run in an organization at large scale, while seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure.

Browser Independent Website Security

browser securityWhether it’s for security, compliance or productivity, sometimes enterprises have a need to control website access. And with the growing diversification of browsers, IT often needs this control with many browser types. That’s why website security now supports all browsers, allowing the control of website access for any browser, without requiring plugins.

With RES ONE Workspace 2015, IT can blacklist and whitelist sites based on granular user contexts (including location and time of day) and track sites visited. Since many cloud services are web based, IT can also track and control access to the web-based services that users are accessing, including when they can be accessed.

For one of our customers, the largest bank in Australia, this new capability provided the needed security control for its contractor base. This bank had challenges in controlling contractor access to certain internal websites. The access needed to be different based on the location of the contractor, and it was often unknown which browser would be used by that contractor. Previously, this degree of access management was often not possible – or possible only through a lengthy process requiring days to achieve, resulting in a high cost impact on the bank.

RES ONE Workspace 2015 not only enabled all the desired scenarios for the bank, but also centralized the security controls. Now IT can provide dynamic access in a matter of minutes instead of days, boosting contractor productivity and saving costs for the bank.

Seamless Microsoft Exchange and Office365 Migrations

microsoft exchange office 365Gartner predicts that adoption of cloud based office suites like Office 365 will increase about 28% a year to 695 million users by 2022, which will then make up about 60% of total office systems users. With close to 98% of our customers using RES ONE Workspace to manage their Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 email services, we’re always looking for more ways to simplify the management of workspaces for our customers, especially those who want to move from on-premises to Office 365.

RES ONE Workspace 2015 includes auto-discovery support for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. This enables administrators to create an email service that provides seamless, instant access to email resources even if the corresponding mailbox of the end user changes location.

A common scenario we enable is moving mailboxes from one on-premises server to another. This need often arises as organizations expand and outgrow previous servers. We were able to provide this help to a financial services provider in Denmark – the largest such provider in Denmark, servicing one third of all banks.

Another common scenario we are seeing more often with the increased interest in Office 365 is customers seamlessly migrating from an on-premises Microsoft Exchange email service to one hosted on Office 365. At RES we used this capability ourselves to facilitate our own migration from on-premises Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 earlier this year. The results were great! This can be taken to the next level by integrating this email service into RES ONE Service Store, creating a self-paced migration for users.

Whatever the scenario, this capability of RES ONE Workspace further simplifies the management of the dynamic workspace for IT, delivering a great and seamless experience for end users.

Enhanced support for Citrix XenDesktop and Microsoft App-v 5

citrix microsoft app-vA large percentage of our customers use RES to augment their Citrix and Microsoft Remote Desktop deployments. Similarly, a lot of our customers utilize Microsoft Application Virtualization to manage the application landscape in their environments. That’s why in RES ONE Workspace 2015 we’ve enhanced our support for Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop and Microsoft App-V.

Our existing Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp integration in RES ONE Workspace has been enhanced with some much requested new functionality and full support for the latest versions including XenDesktop 7.0, 7.1 and XenDesktop/XenApp 7.5 and XenApp 7.6.  Some of the new features include Multiple Site and Delivery Controller support, Automatic Publishing Credential Control and support for Session Lingering and Session Prelaunch.

Another important capability is enabling Citrix XenApp migration scenarios. We’ve heard from a lot of customers that they have had challenges migrating from Citrix XenApp 6.x to Citrix 7.x. Now, with RES ONE Workspace 2015, customers can seamlessly migrate without a big bang approach. This will also limit disruptions for users.

Our Microsoft App-V integration has also been updated to support the latest versions of Microsoft App-V and provide some key new capabilities that allow customers to save cost by centralizing the App-V 5 management in the single RES ONE Workspace Console. This reduces the dependency on third party for App-V 5 package distribution and allows end users to automatically get the latest version of an application every time.

Windows 10 Experimental Support

Windows 10 logoJust ahead of the release of RES ONE Workspace 2015, Microsoft released Windows 10. Beginning in April 2015, we added experimental support for Microsoft Windows 10. This experimental support has been enhanced in RES ONE Workspace 2015 through our quality assurance efforts including solving minor issues reported by our customers testing Windows 10.

“Experimental” means that we have done some initial internal testing and analysis, to enable our customers to start testing Windows 10 in a RES ONE Workspace environment today. Just as we did in April, we’re now providing the ability for everyone – customer or evaluator – to create a support ticket if an issue is encountered in Windows 10.

Most importantly, now that Windows 10 has finally been released, we can start to finalize our official support for Windows 10, continuing to provide you – our customers – with the award-winning support you deserve. Look for a release of RES ONE Workspace 2015 with official Windows 10 support this fall. We’ll keep you updated on our Windows 10 support, so keep an eye on this blog for more to follow.

Learn More About RES ONE Workspace 2015

WorkspaceManager_ProductIconThese have been are highlights of some of the most important new capabilities in RES ONE Workspace 2015. But that is not all. There are many other amazing new capabilities which will be highlighted on the blog in coming weeks.

In the meantime, for a full list of the enhancements in RES ONE Workspace 2015, please review the release notes. The RES ONE Workspace 2015 download and all the associated documents are available within the RES Success Center.  Once you’ve had time to try it yourself, let us know what you think.