Dave bryantAs you may have heard from Bob and Al in their video, we have renamed our solutions and unified them under the umbrella, RES ONE (BTW, it is now pronounced REZ and not R-E-S.).

On Monday, July 6th, we released the first of our updated solutions, RES ONE Service Store 2015 (formerly RES IT Store) and it’s packed with many new exciting features and functionalities.  In addition to the rolling up of all of the functionality that was in previous RES IT Store 2014 Feature Releases.  It contains some outstanding new content from our hardworking mobile, web and engineering teams who created over the last one and half years since RES IT Store 2014 was initially released.

Native Mobile Clients

We have completely re-written the previous iOS app to bring it up to date with a modern look and feel and new functionality.  We added a native Android app as well.  Both of these are now available on their respective app stores. The applications also support password reset functionality if it is enabled by the administrator.

ios app Android App

Management Portal

RES ONE Service Store has removed the legacy Windows Console and replaced it with a new web based Management Portal.  This update was done for a number of reasons:

  • To support the ability to do a Simplified Visual Workflow editor (which will be described later on in this post).
  • To make the console accessible outside of a Windows desktop. Since it is web based, the management portal can now be accessed and configured from a MAC, Linux, Windows desktop and tablets; as well as runoff-site.
  • To create APIs for better integration and management. Although these were not released with this version of the product, they are coming…


Another improvement that we made was a quick Dashboard to display important stats from the RES ONE Service Store when an authorized user is logged on.  This dashboard provides a quick overview of the system along with the, all-important, Transaction Engine Safeguard status.


Simplified Visual Workflow

We received feedback on the previous RES IT Store on the need for a visual representation of service workflow.  This was heard and we responded with the following visual workflow.

simplified workflow

We also automatically placed the elements in a specific location as well as show the interaction points so that the Service Store administrator can focus on the service workflow steps instead of the placement of the elements. Hence the name Simplified Visual Workflow.

Enhanced Smart Rules

Another enhancement suggested by the community was an improvement on our “Smart Rules”.  For those who are unfamiliar with Smart Rules, it’s a “set of criteria that can be used in the workflow action of a service to determine the actor to whom the action applies at the moment the service is delivered or canceled”. This can result in more than one person so we enhanced the smart rules to allow for “smarter” selection criteria.  We added two new options when using the smart rule; “assign to all people, proceed with the first response” and “require approval from all people on the list”.

Enhanced smart rules

Provide Information Wizard with Dynamic Pages

Part of the RES ONE Service Store release includes modifications of the ‘Provide Information’ dialog box to a “wizard like” format along with dynamic pages.  What this means is that in the same dialog, an administrator can configure multiple pages to guide the end user through a series of steps based on the organizational context of the user and previous input.  This helps to eliminate mistakes and makes for a much cleaner end user experience.

provide information wizard


provide information wizard 2


provide information wizard 3

In the example above, the second image only shows titles for people in the IT department.  The last image is only shown and required based on the preference to receive a text with instructions to download the RES ONE Service Store Client.

Password Reset

While password reset has been included in iterations of the RES ONE Service Store, we added 3 major enhancements in this release.

  1. The ability, if the administrator allows, for password resets through our mobile clients. This includes both the alternative e-mail link and security questions.
  2. Remove the dependency on RES ONE Workspace (previously known as RES Workspace Manager) and include the functionality in the RES ONE Service Store Client.
  3. The ability to use security questions on Windows desktops. This extends the same features to the Portal, mobile clients and Windows desktop.

reset password security questions

password reset change

In addition to these highlights, we added fixes and enhancements.  Please check out the Release Notes located on the RES Success Center.

Special Thanks

I would like to personally thank all of the team members who helped to create the release: the internal testers who provided valuable feedback, and the community who provided a lot of good ideas which helped make this release as awesome as I believe it has become.  As always, please feel free to add comments below, reach out to the RES Product Managers or provide new ideas to the RES Success Center.

PS – Expect some more announcements from my fellow colleagues on RES ONE Automation and RES ONE Workspace soon!