Michel RothWe are proud to announce the availability of RES Workspace Manager 2014 Service Release 3 (SR3), which includes new key functionality that will help IT departments better manage the needs of today’s increasingly agile workforce. Newly introduced capabilities and improvements include seamless Microsoft Exchange and Office365 migrations, advanced location based printing, and improved service desk optimization and experimental support for Windows 10.

Let’s explore the RES Workspace Manager 2014 SR3 functionality a little bit more…


Enabling Seamless Microsoft Exchange and Office365 Migrations

exchange office 365With close to 98% of our customers using RES Workspace Manager to manage their Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 email services, we’re always looking for more ways to help them by simplify the management of workspaces for our customers.

That’s why in RES Workspace Manager 2014 SR3 we’re introducing auto-discovery support for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. This enables administrators to create an email service that provides seamless, instant access to email resources even if the corresponding mailbox of the end user changes location.

Serving a common need, we can enable a mailbox to be moved from one on-premises Microsoft Exchange server to another as the company expands and mailboxes grow. We executed this capability with a customer in Denmark – the largest financial services provider in Denmark that services 1/3 of all Denmark’s banks.

Another typical customer need that this will enable is a seamless migration from an on-premises Microsoft Exchange email service to one hosted on Office 365. We, at RES Software, like to drink our own champagne so we used this capability to facilitate our own migration from on-premises Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 and it worked out great. This can even be taken to the next level by integrating this email service into the RES IT Store which allows a self-service, self-paced migration.

Whatever the scenario, RES Workspace Manager 2014 SR3 further simplifies the management of the dynamic workspace for IT. Delivering a smooth and seamless migration experience for end users and helping enterprises on their cloud journey.

Advanced Location Based Printing

advanced location based printingThe context aware capabilities of RES Workspace Manager are greatly valued among our customers and are among the most sophisticated in the industry. It allows customers to offer an improved desktop experience to their users and optimize the way they consume IT services. Through context awareness, delivering the right IT services, at the right time, in the right location, on the right device and more.

In RES Workspace Manager 2014 SR3 we’re adding even better context awareness in an area that is very commonly used by customers – printing. When we were working with our customers to design this solution we found that it is especially necessary in healthcare. As doctors and nurses roam from building to building or location to location, it is critical that they automatically have the most convenient printer available to them as soon as they start working in that location. Any second they spend on anything besides patient care is not optimal, so in this release we’ve made it easier to connect to the right printer based on their location, and we’re providing new ways to determine the user’s location for even the most complex scenarios.

Reducing Service Desk costs with Improved Remote Assistance

remote assistanceA large percentage of our customers use RES Software products to augment their Citrix and Microsoft Remote Desktop deployments. In these types of deployments, our advanced diagnostic capabilities are leveraged intensively by our customers, especially by the Service Desk departments, to more efficiently help their internal customers with the shortest time to resolution and the lowest cost per ticket.

As we worked towards this release, we worked with our large customers to enable even more Service Desk efficiency, and we’re happy to share that we succeeded. Specifically, we’ve enhanced our diagnostic capabilities to be able to always offer Remote Assistance, so Service Desk employees can use the RES Workspace Manager console as the single pane of glass to efficiently support all their customers, without the need to use a different tool or switch consoles.

These enhancements in our diagnostic capabilities allowed a large local government customer in the Netherlands to significantly reduce their Service Desk costs. Specifically, they saved €500,000 on Service Desk costs per year. They did this by saving 3 minutes per Service Desk call for 200,000 calls per year.  Even though these costs savings are amazing, just as important is the fact that end user satisfaction has greatly increased because now when they contact the Service Desk their problem is solved much faster.

Windows 10 Experimental Support

windows 10Late last year Microsoft released the first public preview version of Windows 10, and ever since we at RES Software have been looking into Windows 10 because we want to be able to support our customers as soon as possible after Windows 10 is officially released.

Our goal is to help our customers leverage the power of Windows 10 and RES Workspace Manager combined to experience even more customer value. Even though Microsoft has not provided an official date of release for Windows 10, it is largely anticipated to be released near the end of summer 2015. Many of our customers are already preparing for Windows 10 and are testing it in their labs and we have been working with some of them.

So, in order to support our customers in preparing for their journey to Windows 10, we’re excited to announce experimental support for Windows 10.  Look for a blog post soon for more detail on our experimental Windows 10 support.

Learn More about RES Workspace Manager 2014 SR3

For a full list of all the improvements in RES Workspace Manager 2014 SR3, please review the release notes. The RES Workspace Manager 2014 SR3 download and all the associated documents are available from the RES Success Center. Once you’ve had time to try it yourself, let us know what you think.

You can also follow the RES Software blog as well will be highlighting some of the new functionality in more detail in the coming weeks.aracer.mobi