Michel RothRES Workspace Manager 2014 Service Release 1 includes an enhancement to the existing whitelisting/blacklisting website security feature, which allows our customers to block problematic and even dangerous websites. Customers can allow users to go on the intranet with this feature.

We have enhanced this functionality so that you can audit which allowed websites your users visited, as well as which websites they visited that were blocked. When you track these visited websites using the logging node, you receive the entire URL instead of just the base URL (which you get in the Usage Tracking viewer) which provides you with a much more accurate view of website traffic.

For example, if a user searched for the word bike in Google you would see results like this:

different views of web security

Start Using it Right Away
Before you start using this functionality keep in mind that when you enable this new option in a large environment, you generate extra data. So, make sure that your infrastructure is properly configured to handle the increased amount of data being stored. We also suggest you enable website security similarly to the image below and verify if this is also the case for the specific workspace container where you want to apply this.

website security configuration

Once you have verified that Website Security is enabled and works the way you want it, you can select the check box log all visited websites to enable the complete logging of all websites an end user tries to access, including allowed sites.

log all visited websites user web usage

In addition to the details of the request, there is a new column detailing which kind of request was logged (allow, alert, block) and a corresponding icon. You can export this data to a .csv file for further analysis.

Tell Me More
For customers who want to learn more on how to execute this functionality, you can refer to the Administration Guide or the Help within RES Workspace Manager 2014 for more information. If you’re not a customer, visit us at contact us at www.ressoftware.com and one of our professionals will reach out to you shortly.topod.in