Sean headshotBy: Sean Donahue

On Saturday April 26th, Microsoft released a security advisory regarding a new vulnerability affecting every version of Internet Explorer released since 2001. This is true regardless of the underlying operating system version, but especially detrimental to those still using the unprotected Windows XP operating system.

There are three serious factors to consider with this news:

  1. This Zero Day attack exploits memory used by IE and is especially vulnerable when the user is running with elevated permissions.
  2. This attack utilizes Flash to execute in memory used by IE to cause substantial damage.
  3. Microsoft has stated several times previously that they will not patch or update Windows XP post April 8.

According to a recent article by the The Washington Post, about 10% of government computers still run Windows XP; and as reported by Endgadget, the IRS is paying millions to Microsoft to extend support for their Windows XP installations. With so many federal agencies still vulnerable, this and any other attack could be detrimental not just to the agency but to national security.

In a decisive act to protect our customers who are still migrating away from Windows XP to more modern desktop environments, RES Software has released our 5 proven methods for protecting customers running Windows XP from the effects of this newest Zero Day vulnerability:

Operation “Homeland”
RES Software has also commenced operation “Homeland,” a program for U.S. Federal organizations that qualify to receive a thorough risk analysis. Contact RES Software for a free risk assessment today.

RES Software, keeping America strong and protecting her from threats like Zero Day.