RES Software has been building and nurturing a community of experts in the field of workspace virtualization for five years now. As a result, the international community of RES Software Valued Professionals has grown to 50 RES Certified Professionals – individuals who have demonstrated high expertise in the application RES Software products to the needs of large enterprises.

RES Software Valued Professionals are invited to semi-annual meetings in the “kitchen” of RES Software to discuss field experiences, recommendations and RES Labs developments together with members of the RES Software Research & Development, Product Management and Customer Support teams.

In 2012 RES Software recognizes three RES Software Valued Professionals who have each contributed to workspace virtualization technologies in a special way.

  •   Ruben Spruijt has done a great job of educating the IT community about workspace virtualization through the UEM Smackdown report – an annual, much anticipated review that he spearheaded. We would like to thank Ruben and all contributors to that paper for their unbiased analyses of the technology innovations in our space.
  •   Rob Aarts has been achieved great success in many IT service orchestration projects. RES Software believes that true workspace virtualization combines workspace management with workspace automation, ultimately providing the foundation of a dynamic IT Store; and service orchestration is the “glue” that makes these technologies work together. Rob has done a stellar job of helping many enterprises achieve workspace virtualization in a powerful way.
  •   Iain Brighton is the mastermind behind the Virtual Engine Toolkit that allows our customers to migrate existing GPO configurations to RES Workspace Manager with speed and security. Tools like these add great, time-saving value for RES customers and are a tremendous example of the powerful contributions of RES Software Valued Professionals.

We are looking forward to growing our list of RES Software Valued Professionals and seeing some great new initiatives next year. For questions, reach out to me on Twitter