RES Workspace Manager 2011 SR4

RES Workspace Manager 2011 SR4 has been released.
Due to some enhancements the product might behave slightly different than in the past. With the following information you are able to anticipate and pro-actively prevent some troubles that may be caused by these enhancements.

  • Release notes
    As always, carefully read the release notes and TEST before going into production with a new Service Release.

  • Higher security level via Security Management
    In previous versions of RES Workspace Manager system processes where designedly outside the scope of Security Management. Within SR4 the security has been tightened and this could result in System processes being blocked, where these were allowed in previous releases.

    For example: When a user starts an MP3 file directly from the Explorer, the MediaPlayer is launched through “svchost.exe” Process. This is being blocked since SR4.
    Keep track on the Logging in the RES Console under Security > Applications > Managed Applications.

  • New AppGuard driver
    Higher security means an optimized security driver. With the installation of SR4 a new AppGuard driver will be installed. A reboot is needed to load this driver.

  • Dynamic Privileges more secure
    Security has been raised for Dynamic Privileges. No action is necessary on this point, except the reboot at stated in previous point.

  • RES VDX Integration enhancements
    The following two enhancements have been made to RES VDX:
    • RemoteFX is now supported by RES Workspace Manager
    • Switching from a managed session with/without RES VDX/Subscriber to another managed session with/without RES VDX/Subscriber is now supported.
    • quicker session startup when using RES VDX within the connection

  • User Settings improvements
    In the User Settings / Zero profile technology several enhancements has been made. Especially for scenario’s where the user is roaming settings between two active sessions.

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