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By: Jeff Wettlaufer

Today RES Software announced an exciting new addition to the RES Software portfolio that answers one of the biggest challenges users and IT face today — securing and compliant access to user data.  Without an enterprise-class solution, users have adopted their own “Follow Me Data” solutions, and brought personal, public and cloud-based services into the office, bypassing structured corporate services with personal, consumer services.  This has created risk for the business, and unless IT can provide seamless solutions to the user, the trend will continue.

RES HyperDrive is a secure way to deliver Follow Me Data and file-sharing with the enterprise-class security of on-premises technology. Available on any device, anywhere, RES HyperDrive empowers IT organizations to better serve an increasingly mobile, next-generation workforce that demands convenient access to data from personal devices, applications, and cloud-based services.  RES HyperDrive has been built with the CIO, IT Admin and end user in focus.

To the CIO, RES HyperDrive answers one of the biggest challenges they face— the need for business users to access their data at work, at home, or on the road, regardless of device.  As the Consumerization of IT (and ByoD) grows, it has led to trends like alternative form factors, architectures, devices and connectivity to be used for productivity by employees.  Today’s CIO understands cloud-based, consumer-driven, file-sharing solutions are being brought into the enterprise, bypassing IT.  He may be using them himself.  This has created compliance, regulatory and security vulnerabilities.

IT administrators are tasked with delivering a Follow Me Data solution to their users and lines of business.  That’s not easy with today’s choices.  With budgets already under a microscope, IT is trying to become a strategic partner to the business. But without a solution that answers the concerns of the CIO (compliance, security etc.), they are faced with users simply finding their own solution.  Without a secure, managed solution, admins are simply not empowered to deliver an infrastructure that meets the needs of everyone.  Their users want access anywhere on their chosen devices, and their management must ensure everything is secure and compliant.  In the face of IT not providing them something seamless, they have provided their own.

RES HyperDrive solves all of these levels of challenges.  RES HyperDrive can be summarized as:

  • Anywhere Access – Accessible through Outlook, Windows Explorer, Mac Finder or a browser, users are able to access their data the way they want to, on their personal or corporate hardware. Full cross-platform support for Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Windows and Blackberry phones, using a simple app interface, connects the user to their data.  Centrally viewed with a web interface, the RES HyperDrive online dashboard provides easy access to data and devices, and the flexibility to share data with approved external contacts
  • Secure Data – RES HyperDrive is based on premises to assure enterprise-class security.  With Active Directory integration, RES HyperDrive provides Single Sign On, local data encryption, remote theft protection and integrated backup to ensure that users’ data is thoroughly protected across all of their devices.
  • Seamless Integration – RES HyperDrive provides organizations on-premises, private cloud, data management capabilities.  RES HyperDrive is flexible, and supports an organization’s existing storage infrastructure.  Integration with Outlook provides attachment options for large files, reducing impact on messaging infrastructure.

Let’s take a look at RES HyperDrive in action.  Here is a demonstration video of these capabilities.

This product was developed with heavy involvement from our customers and, specifically, IT admins. Customers told us they can’t put data in the cloud but need access anywhere.  Administrators told us they wanted to be able to centrally manage, and securely deliver data to the broad range of users they support.  Users, even many of us personally, want an easy to use, non-intrusive solution that is consistent across our handfuls of devices.

We truly believe we have delivered a solution to meet all these needs, and we are excited to share it with you.  Look for more to come about RES HyperDrive.  We hope you see something about RES HyperDrive that interests you… we would love to hear what you think! Let us know in the comments section below, or on our Facebook page.

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Sr. Director, Product Marketing, RES Software

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