Intel Recognizes RES VDX Reverse Seamless as Enabler of Intelligent Clients and Successful Cloud-Hosted Desktop Deployments

By Jeff Fisher, VP, Business Development

The one-size-does-not-fit-all-story for VDI and the cloud seems to be echoing across the industry. Desktop administrators are the first to tell you that in most cases, a wholesale move to these technologies will leave many of their users without the kind of desktop experience needed to successfully perform their jobs. Sure, VDI and cloud-hosted desktops can give users access to basic applications and data … but increasingly that’s not enough. A rich user experience is more important than ever, and users expect to access their IT services through multiple devices from multiple locations without compromising that experience.

Part of what makes a user happy, beyond access to the right IT services, is performance. They want to work quickly and don’t want to compromise the quality of their experience. One of the simplest ways to ensure that quality of performance is by making use of the power of traditional endpoints. Intel ‘s intelligent client story offers a compelling argument for making effective use of both hosted desktop infrastructures and PCs. RES helps unify these two delivery approaches and as a result, confirms the value of a hybrid model in today’s IT environments. RES Virtual Desktop Extender (VDX) reverse seamless technology is the first step toward enabling what we call the “hybrid desktop.”

RES VDX leverages a PC’s resources to enhance the end-user experience of a remote desktop session, allowing IT to balance a user’s workload between their endpoint device resources and a virtual desktop hosted in a private or public cloud. VDX offers three key benefits when using Intel-powered clients to access remote desktop sessions:

1) Publish applications from the local start menu into a remote desktop session
2) Present both local and centralized applications in a single screen
3) Allow resource-heavy applications to leverage local resources

For a more detailed look into how VDX enhances Intel-powered PCs that connect to cloud-hosted desktops, read the RES and Intel white paper “Intel Cloud Builders Guide to Cloud Design and Deployment on Intel Platforms: Client Aware Cloud with RES Virtual Desktop Extender.” Please also visit

If you are really eager to see VDX in action, make sure you check our newly launched VDX Online Test Drive to experience the technology first-hand.

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