Freezing Citrix / RDS servers vs incomplete sessions

In a troubleshooting proces some very easy steps can be taken to retrieve a lot of necessary information.
RES Automation Manager can help to gather a lot of information with a few simple clicks.

For example: A customer is experiencing troubles with their Citrix servers, users sessions will not log off correctly, servers will hang at the end of the day. Where to begin?

First step should be to have insight why the sessions are not ending properly, which processes keep the session active? You can open your server consoles each hour, check the taskmanager, write down the problem sessions, but there is a much easier way.

Create a job within RES Automation Manager to run recurring each hour on each Terminal Server, use a ‘Execute Command’ to kick off “C:\Windows\system32\qprocess.exe *”, like:

The output might show you incomplete sessions and the running processes and incomplete sessions if there are:

This can help you a step further in your troubleshooting process.

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