RES PowerFuse 2010 SR3 and Citrix publishing

To adapt to the latest changes within Citrix XenApp products the RES PowerFuse Citrix Integration had to be changed in the way of publishing and launching a Citrix XenApp application.

Basically the most important change within RES PowerFuse 2010 SR3 is the way a RES PowerFuse published passthrough application is launched.

When published with “Use the Citrix Program Neighbourhood agent (pnagent.exe)” method the commandline has been changed :

before SR3 “.\PNagent.exe” /QLAUNCH “<application name>”
since SR3   “.\PNagent.exe” /QLAUNCH “<farmname>:<application name>”

Special attention is needed when upgrading to SR3 when using Citrix Web Interface 4 and earlier. This Web Interface does not support Multiple Farms, so this new commandline might fail. A registry key can be set to revert to the previous command.


The error “The requested resource has been removed from the server” might show up in specific situations.
Republishing the application within a RES PowerFuse 2010 SR3 console should solve this error.

Verify the application within the Citrix XenApp Console, since SR3 the ‘Application Name’ should be like this format:
<RES PowerFuse App title> – <RES PowerFuse Citrix ID> {RES PowerFuse App ID}

Like always: TEST to achieve the best!

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