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A More Human Way to Do – Delivering Technology to People, not Devices

This past weekend I was catching up on my guilty pleasure, Master Chef, when I saw my first Windows 10 TV commercial ‘The future starts now’. (Thanks to my husband who was slow with the remote skipping commercials, I actually watched this one). Besides being a feel-good video, the ending tag line caught my attention ‘A […]

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A World Without Testing

Have you ever thought of how the world would be without testing? Interesting enough, even as testers, sometimes we just do our jobs not really thinking about the impact of our work or our efforts as a community. By applying our knowledge, techniques, methods, experience and even “gut” we DO help this world be a better place […]

RES ONE Workspace Management Console - Search field

Simplified Application Management with New Search Capabilities

You may have noticed that the RES ONE Workspace Management Console has been significantly improved to make it easier and faster for you to find what you are looking for, especially if you are dealing with large amounts of data. In addition to making it easier to find information, we also provide initial analytics on […]


RES ONE Workspace 2015 Now Available

Today we’re very proud to announce the availability of RES ONE Workspace 2015! This major release is full of amazing capabilities that help deliver more agility, mobility and security to today’s digital workspaces. Here are some key capabilities in RES ONE Workspace 2015. File Hash-Based Application Security Our Application Security has become even more powerful […]

browser security

RES ONE Workspace 2015 – Browser Independent Website Security

With the launch of RES ONE Workspace 2015, we announced our new browser independent website security feature. Whether it’s for security, compliance or productivity, sometimes enterprises have a need to control and track website access. With the growing diversification of browsers, IT needs to have controls in place over many browser types. Because many cloud services […]


RES ONE Workspace 2015 – Folder Redirection Enhancements

In addition the many new capabilities we announced with the launch of RES ONE Workspace 2015, we are very excited about the folder redirection capabilities that RES ONE Workspace 2015 delivers. This new feature improves users’ access to data and adds our unique context aware capabilities to traditional folder redirection. RES ONE Workspace 2015 supports […]


RES ONE Automation 2015 – Whats New

By: Rob Aarts http://www.robaarts.nl/ Tuesday 28 July RES Software released RES ONE Automation Manager 2015. For those who are already using RES AM. Here is a list off changes could be relevant for you: Microsoft Windows 10 support This release now has (official) support for Windows 10 Performance, performance….. even more performance! Always a Nice […]


Re-Inventing the Healthcare Wheel around the World

By: Doug Coombs Guest Blogger BORED! Generally, I try to start a blog with an entertaining story, metaphor, or both. In this case it came together a bit differently, so please don’t let the first 150 words or so stop you from getting to the interesting metaphor below. Over the past few months, I couldn’t help but […]